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What is fostering?


Fostering a rescue animal is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do because you will truly save a life. Basically, a foster family takes a dog or cat into their home until their forever adoptive family can be found. The rescue group provides all the vet care ... you just provide food and lots of love! Foster homes are so important because they provide the love and socialization for an animal when they need it most. 


How long does the animal stay in foster?


The length of stay in a foster home varies. Sometimes it's only for a few days and sometimes they stay for months. It depends on how long it takes to find the right forever home. Our goal is to make sure that the animal is placed with the perfect family as quickly as possible. 


Why foster a rescue animal?


Rescue groups desperately need foster homes in order to continue to save more animals. Any cat or dog taken in by us must have a place to go until it can be adopted. In addition, the animals need socialization and one-on-one attention. You don't need a big home or a fenced yard to foster. The animals don't care how much space you have. They need love. They need shelter. They need hope. Please... save a life. They are waiting for you and you can make a difference. 

Are you ready to welcome a furry guest into your home?

Fill out the application below. 

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