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Privacy Policy


TLC Animal Aid understands the importance of and is committed to the protection of individual privacy. Its privacy policy is made under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and provides information related to the privacy principles under the Act.

TLC Animal Aid is committed to protecting personal information, including personal information collected and submitted by a third party, and using it only for its intended purpose.


TLC Animal Aid collects and uses personal information for the following purposes:

  • Animal care, fostering and adoption services

  • Complying with federal, provincial, local or by-law requirements

  • Complying with tax requirements (e.g. tax receipts, tax filings)

  • Announcing and registering for events

  • Distributing information (e.g. newsletters, promotional material, announcements of special events, volunteer opportunities and other printed or electronic updates)

  • Requesting donations

  • Raffles, door prizes, contest information, lotteries

  • Donor recognition

  • General public inquiries


  • Consent is required before TLC Animal Aid may collect, use or disclose personal information, except in special circumstances, such as police or other situations permitted by law. Consent may be given in writing or orally.


  • If any information collected is deemed to be sensitive in nature, written or verbal consent will be obtained before using or disclosing the information. TLC will make every attempt to obtain consent before collecting any personal information, but where this is not possible, will upon request immediately remove any personal information from distribution lists.


  • If personal information has been collected for a family or anyone represented, it is implied that you have obtained consent from them, even though they may not have been present for the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information for the identified purposes.


Consent may be withdrawn in writing or orally at any time upon reasonable notice by contacting TLC Animal Aid at the address or email address located at the end of this policy document.



At no time will TLC Animal Aid sell, lend or give personal information to any group or person without obtaining consent unless required by law. This includes list brokers, mail order businesses, telemarketers or other marketing companies for them to sell their services or products. 


Security systems are in place to protect personal information whether it is in electronic or paper-based format. These may include locked cabinets and technological measures such as the use of computer passwords.

Staff and volunteers are informed of the privacy policy and are aware that they are to collect, use and disclose personal information only as necessary to fulfill their duties and in accordance with the privacy policy. 

TLC Animal Aid contractually requires any third party person or organization providing products or services to protect personal information and use it only for its intended purpose.



TLC Animal Aid will retain personal information for as long as is required to effectively provide services and answer any questions about services provided, and for our own legal accountability and accountability to external regulatory bodies.

TLC Animal Aid will use care and caution when disposing of personal information to ensure there is no unauthorized access.



TLC Animal Aid will make available its policies and practices relating to privacy and the management of personal information upon request.



An individual may access personal information collected by TLC Animal Aid. Access to records must be made in writing to the email provided below, stating specifically what information is required. TLC Animal Aid will require confirmation of identity before permitting access to the requested information.

TLC Animal Aid will respond to any requests as quickly as possible and also try to help in the understanding of any information. TLC may charge a reasonable fee for providing access to information. 

TLC Animal Aid has the right to refuse access to personal information if required by law not to disclose it.


All questions regarding TLC’s Privacy Policy or any privacy procedures may be directed to:

TLC Animal Aid

230 Strabane Avenue, #901

Windsor, ON   N8Y 4V2


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